Dedicated to you and your family’s safety.

The best part, we use no chemicals!

About Us

UV Enhanced Cleaning Services is a company dedicated to you and your family’s safety. Utilizing ultraviolet light technology to purify surface and air, you can rest assure that the environment you and your family utilize will be the purest possible. The best part, we use no chemicals!
This technology has been used for years to purify water, air and surfaces. The applications are endless. Think of all the places you and your family interact with on a daily basis; Homes, daycare, hotels, office buildings, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, etc….

How It Works

Ultraviolet light works by penetrating the cell wall of the bio-contaminate and scrambling the DNA, thus rendering it Sterile. Any surface the light touches it sterilizes. The machines used are designed to kill the worst of bacteria like C-difficile, MRSA, and VRE which are hard to kill and live on surfaces for weeks and months. The technology will kill all viruses and even mold spores.

Our Team




Founder and CEO- Spencer is a Registered Nurse, Infection Control Specialist, and self described germaphobe. He has worked in the Operating Room for over 15 years. Recognizing the need for the technology in the operating room and medical facilities, he saw the benefit this type of cleaning service can provide for other areas outside the medical realm.



Marketing Director

CO Founder and VP of Marketing – Robert has worked for the past 22 years providing cleaning services for movie theaters and office buildings, he knows the ins and outs of cleaning. Robert is a consumer first of all. He wanted the benefits of superior cleanliness in every situation where infections and germs could congregate and cause harm to his family and himself. Homes, hotel rooms, daycare centers, senior centers, doctor and dental offices, etc. all fell into that arena. So, Spencer and he engineered programs to address all areas the consumer would benefit.